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Personal Hosting Plans

Win Start (500MB)
Win Lite  (1GB)





     PERSONAL Hosting Plan
        Windows Web Servers 2008!
  Secure & Reliable Email!
  FTP Web Shell
  Low Cost and Economical!
       99.9% Uptime!

Starting Just!


  PERSONAL Web Hosting Plans    
Hsphere Hosting Control Panel by Parallels

Win Start

Win Lite

  Domain Names Manager    
  䩳k Space (SCSI 320 15000 K, Dual Disk Drives, Raid 1)


1000MB (1GB)

  �thly Traffic / Data Transfer

5 GB

10 GB

  祢 Hosting Platform = Windows Server 2008



  �thly Price USD 1.95 USD 3.95
  㵢-Domains (abc.yourdomain.com - full IIS websites) - 1
Email Manager by Horde
  孭ails Web/POP3/IMAP4 5 10
  ﷮ SMTP/POP server Yes Yes
  孡il Forwarding, Aliases and Auto responders Yes Yes
  ᤤress Book Yes Yes
  汵ot;Catch-all" e-mail alias Yes Yes
  孭ail Virus Protection (Standard) Yes Yes
  Web Server Configuration Manager    
  Development Tools    
  ᓐ 3.0 (Active Server Pages) - Yes
  ॲsist ASP email component 5.0 - Yes
  ॲsist ASP Upload 3.0 - Yes
  ᓐ Jpeg 1.3 - Yes
  ᓐ Image - Yes
  ᓐ PDF - Yes
  - Yes
  悠scripting Yes Yes
  ꡶a scripting Yes Yes
  㵳tom MIME Types (i.e. .wml) Yes Yes
  㓉 (Server Side Includes i.e. .shtml) Yes Yes
  灐 enabled Yes Yes
  荌 4.0 SP2 enabled Yes Yes
  沥e Scripts - Yes
  㓌 Modules - Yes
  Database Manager    
  C support - Yes
  ᢩlity to create DSNs instantly - Yes
  ber of DSNs included - 1
   DB Support - -
  ber of OLE DB Connections - Unlimited
(Update, Insert, Delete permissions enabled by default)
- Yes
  MS SQL Server Management    
  좾MS SQL SERVER 2008 database, inclusive of the plan size
(hosted on separate dedicated database servers)
- Optional
  FTP Manager    
  ⴠhour unlimited FTP access Unlimited Unlimited
  㨡nge FTP Password Yes Yes
  �ify FTP Disk Quota Yes Yes
  Web Shell Features    
  祢 Based Site Access Yes Yes
  ࡳsword Protect Files and Folders Yes Yes
  Უhive Files or Folders Yes Yes
  �ipulate Files or Folders Yes Yes
  燅T and FTP from Web Shell Yes Yes
  Resource Quota Manager    
  鮳tant Resource Creation Yes Yes
  䩳k usage meter Yes Yes
  ⥶erse Trace route Yes Yes
  ᢩlity to define Directory Index Yes Yes
  鮳tant Account Activation Yes Yes
  祢 Service on/off Yes Yes
  Complete Billing Management Yes Yes
  Complete User Management Yes Yes
  URL Submission Manager
沥e Site Submit to 14 Search engines
Yes Yes
  㨯ckwave ready Yes Yes
  次sh Support Yes Yes
  �i streams Yes Yes
  ᤶance streaming WAVs Yes Yes
  Server Specifications and Data Center    
  䵡l Intel Pentium Xeon dual or quad core processors Yes Yes
  ビI 320 15000 K, Dual Disk Drives, RAID 1 Yes Yes
  䥬l Power Edge or Custom Build Server Yes Yes
  �rosoft鮴ernet Information Server 6 & 7 (IIS 6 & 7) Yes Yes
  詧h speed fiber optic network Yes Yes
  ⥤undant Gigabit Connections
(Level3, Wiltel, Williams, YIPES, XO, Global Crossing)
Yes Yes
  ⇐4 Routed Network Yes Yes
  㩳coᲰ00 GSR and Juniper Routers Yes Yes
  䥤icated 100 amp circuits Yes Yes
  ⴸ7 network and server application monitoring Yes Yes
  鹮9% Network uptime guarantee Yes Yes
  䡩ly data backup Yes Yes
  ⴠhour email support, 4-hour average response with resolution Yes Yes
  㯭prehensive KnowledgeBase Yes Yes

Monthly Price USD 1.95 USD 3.95
  Free Setup Yes Yes
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Win Start (500 MB)

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